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This is your opportunity, your chance, your NOW to understanding how sickness occurs and suppresses the immune system within the human body, which is more than capable of cleansing itself and regenerating any damage.

There are devastating toxins in our food, water and personal-care products that impact our gut, white blood cells, lymphatic system and most important, our DNA. We are exposed to barrage after barrage of toxins multiple times a day; and these attacks weaken and breakdown our internal defenses until finally are they incapable of protection.

Our bodies play host to good and bad bacteria and fungi, but when the immune system is lowered it cannot properly regulate bad bacteria and fungi from overgrowth. Fake food with ingredients that have no bioavailability, along with stripping toxins, impact our digestive systems and the it’s accessory organs, including the liver, gallbladder and pancreas. Approximately 80% of our immune system resides within our guts not to mention it being the production hub for dopamine and serotonin, which are neurotransmitters used by the brain.

In addition to the harmful aspects of fake food, there’s no longer any real nutritional value to our food or the ability to absorb the required amount of minerals and nutrients from real food due to bacterial and fungal overgrowth impacting the body’s metabolic process. Incorporate this with known neurotoxins, heavy metals and forever chemicals in the cookware, personal-care products like deodorant, certain medical testing dyes and the public water supply and you’ve got the perfect storm waiting to cause systematic shutdown inside of your body.

As humans we are only made up of cells and energy. Our cells are impacted in an event known as oxidative stress when there’s an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants inside the body. Free radicals scavenge the body to seek out other electrons so they can pair. This causes damage to cells, proteins and DNA. Antioxidants provide cell protection against free radicals, which may play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases. Free radicals are molecules produced when your body breaks down food or when you’re exposed to toxins. The powerhouse of the cell known as the mitochondria is often times in dysfunction within chronically sick individuals. The mitochondria is responsible for cell energy and cell protection, so even down to the cellular-level, we are defenseless.

  • Consultations include discussing your health issues, goals, current diet, digestive assessment, exercise review, etc. Consultations are 30-min. and $25.

Flush Your Body, Reset & Rebuild Your Immune System

My name is Anthony Martinez Beven. I’m a certified live blood analyst and detox specialist. Prior to this, I was a marketing exec in the biotech industry and before that a medical and health journalist. In July 2016, I was diagnosed with HIV, but my immune system was severely compromised for several months after. I battled an intense sinus infection characterized by pressure between my eyes, burning in my nose, a swollen throat, impacted breathing and a double ear infection. I knew something else was going on inside of my body, but my doctors said it was nothing. I kept pushing and finally in February of 2016, after seeing an allergist, pulmonologist and finally an ENT, I received a stage 0 anal cancer diagnosis.

I was immediately referred to a colorectal cancer specialist, and we started acid roller treatments to burn out the lining of the anal cavity where the transformation areas were detected. The treatments worked, but the acid was absorbed into the gut. After treatment, I was left with 23 T-cells, the frontline defender in the white blood cell group. Healthy T-cell count is 1,000-1,500. A count under 200 is AIDS. I had AIDS. My doctors offered a protocol that included the Gardasil vaccine and chemo pills to boost my T-cell count and my immune system. I said no. They asked what I suggested. I said “flush my body, reset and rebuild my immune system.” Their response: “We’re doctors. We don’t do that. You have to find someone in the holistic field.”

I couldn’t find someone who I felt like could do what needed to be done inside of my body. I did it myself through primary and secondary research (my BA degree is in sociology and anthropology). The result of my research led me to a plant-based diet, alkaline water, speciality enzyme supplements and external detox therapies like ionic detox foot baths, lymphatic drainage massage, reflexology sessions and infrared sauna. I was working against the clock, so I combined all of this into one protocol. Within a few days my body went into flu-like detox symptoms. I felt like I was dying, but after a few more days I came out of it feeling better. I continued the protocol, and on a few months went to my doctor for blood work. Through my efforts I brought my T-cell count to 889 with healthy count being 1,000-1,500.

I knew that there had to be others like my, others who shared experiences like mine. In August 2017, I opened Detox Day Spa. I offered the public my protocol of plant-based eating, specialty enzyme supplements, alkaline water flushing and external detox therapies along with my coaching in a 5-week program. The program was going to be a seasonal offering but became so popular its now the primary service. Thousands of chronically sick clients have gone through my program with amazing success and proven results, like improved health metrics and reduction or elimination of medications.

About Anthony

I’m a certified live blood analyst and detox specialist. I detoxed his own body back to health after back-to-back HIV and cancer diagnoses and treatments left my body devastated at 23 T-cells. I combined plant-based nutrition, specialty supplements and detox therapies to bring my T-Cell count to 889 with healthy count being 1,000-1,500.

Since my own cellular-level flush, reset and rebuild, I have has guided thousands of clients through detox protocols to overcome obstacles, such as cancer, obesity, hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, gut disorders, brain and concentration issues, compromised immune systems, MTHFR genetic defects and more. My story, advice, spa and clients have been featured on local and National T.V., radio and across news websites and blogs.

Course Details

This course takes you through understanding of key parts of our anatomy, organ function, how the organs work together, the complete immune system, collagen production, enzyme functionality, how-to build healthy protein for sustainable muscle, mitochondrion function, genetic disorders affecting the body’s ability to properly detox and more.

The course also covers dysfunction on the cellular-level due to cell debris — such as Candida/bad yeast overgrowth, Epstein Barr virus, parasites, bad GI bacteria, uric acid build-up and more — as well as plant-based dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

In this course, you’ll learn about why hormonal imbalances occur within the body, and how to naturally address them through diet, mineral restoration and supplements.

An overview of body purge during a detox, and what detox symptoms one can expect and how long they usually last.

Also included as part of this course is how-to successfully undergo cancer treatments and then move into a phase of body flush, immune system reset and rebuild.

Upon course completion, you’ll have…

  • Solid knowledge to understand what doctors tell you so you can work collaboratively on a solution for your health.
  • Knowledge on how-to utilize natural remedies daily life, i.e. stomach issues, hormonal imbalances, sinus pressure headaches, joint pain/inflammation, brain fog/lack of focus and more.
  • Understanding of what detox therapies exist, what’s best to address certain conditions and the frequency at which they can safely be utilized.
  • A transition to a healthy, happier lifestyle as free as possible from toxic food, water and personal-care products.
  • An understanding of quality vs. low-quality supplements, and different supplements to address specific issues inside of the body.

What's Included...

  • A multimedia dashboard with course lessons, course materials, topic forums, Q & A section, Health News, Social Media Hub and more.
  • Weekly, guided video lessons with accountability tasks.
  • Detailed how-to guides on plant-based diet transitions, high-quality vs. low-quality supplements.
  • Accountability tools and resources, such as BMI & BMR calculators, diet diaries.
  • Topic forums for questions & answers.
  • A social media news hub to keep you current on what’s happening in the health space.
  • Access to a FB support group.


Pick Your Detox

Self-Guided Detox

This option provides you with all the tools and resources you’ll need to complete the 35-Day Detox.

Weekly guidance with video lessons, accountability tasks, how-to guides, Q & A and more.

Interactive components, including social media hub, health news hub and topic forums.

Product recommendations to assist with your detox process



Assisted Detox

This option provides you with all the tools and resources you’ll need to complete the 35-Day Detox.

In addition to everything included in the self-guided option, you’ll receive individualized support.

Customized detox protocol, including supplement recommendations

Weekly video or phone conference check-in’s

Unlimited email support


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