Course Details

This course takes you through understanding of key parts of our anatomy, organ function, how the organs work together, the complete immune system, collagen production, enzyme functionality, how-to build healthy protein for sustainable muscle, mitochondrion function, genetic disorders affecting the body’s ability to properly detox and more.

The course also covers dysfunction on the cellular-level due to cell debris — such as Candida/bad yeast overgrowth, Epstein Barr virus, parasites, bad GI bacteria, uric acid build-up and more — as well as plant-based dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

In this course, you’ll learn about why hormonal imbalances occur within the body, and how to naturally address them through diet, mineral restoration and supplements.

An overview of body purge during a detox, and what detox symptoms one can expect and how long they usually last.

Also included as part of this course is how-to successfully undergo cancer treatments and then move into a phase of body flush, immune system reset and rebuild.

Upon course completion, you’ll have…

Solid knowledge to understand what doctors tell you so you can work collaboratively on a solution for your health.

Knowledge on how-to utilize natural remedies daily life, i.e. stomach issues, hormonal imbalances, sinus pressure headaches, joint pain/inflammation, brain fog/lack of focus and more.

Understanding of what detox therapies exist, what’s best to address certain conditions and the frequency at which they can safely be utilized.

A transition to a healthy, happier lifestyle as free as possible from toxic food, water and personal-care products.

An understanding of quality vs. low-quality supplements, and different supplements to address specific issues inside of the body.

What’s included…

A multimedia dashboard with course lessons, course materials, topic forums, Q & A section, Health News, Social Media Hub and more.

Weekly, guided video lessons with accountability tasks.