THE ENZYME EXPERT! Enzymes are the metabolic catalyst on the cellular-level. They speed up chemical reactions like digestion, respiration, muscle and nerve function, DNA replication and more. We cannot live without enzymes. Accessory organs to the digestion system responsible for enzyme production, function and storage are our liver, gallbladder and pancreas. Toxins in our food, water and personal-care products cause these organs to go into inflammation, and they don’t work properly. Humans are herbivores and we must get a majority of our enzymes from plants and microorganisms, but we can also get some from animal products. Enzyme cofactors include zinc, iron, B-vitamins, etc. Without these cofactors enzymes don’t work properly. Want to get your health on track? Book a live cellular analysis & consultation for our 35-Day Wellness Program today. Call (248) 791-3936. Visit detoxdayspa.setmore.com. ... See MoreSee Less

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HOW’S YOUR HEALTH? If you’re feeling sick there’s a reason, and it’s probably related to what you’re eating and NOT eating. There’s a secret to everything. I’ve cracked the code to good and sustainable health. Let me help you determine the extent of your leaky gut and fatty liver. I’ll also identify your enzyme functionality for food, medication & water absorption, micronutrient cofactors required for proper enzyme function & most important: damaging cell debris and free radicals, such as parasitic and Candida overgrowths. Schedule a live cellular analysis & consultation now - either $50 for 45 min. or $75 for 60 min. You can also take advantage of our best value $85.99 holistic assessment and express detox, which includes ionic detox foot bath, Hydromassage, infrared sauna and 2.5G of ionized alkaline water. Book now: detoxdayspa.setmore.com. ... See MoreSee Less

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CLIENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to technical issues with the HydroMassage bed, which is an older model, and legal issues with the infrared sauna, we are discontinuing these services as of Oct. 1. If you'd like to book these services, be sure to do so before this date. While we hope to continue at the Orion Township location on Baldwin as long as we can, rent has become a challenge due to COVID-19 and much lower sales. We will be here through Oct. 1, may be longer depending on the community support.

Book online here: detoxdayspa.setmore.com.

Thank you so much for your support during these past three years. It has been an honor to serve, educate and inform you.

Sincerest Regards,

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