The Detox Day Spa program is 5-star rated across Facebook and Google. Thousands of clients have gone through the program with results that sustainable results. Clients have resolved issues related to diabetes, digestion, bowel, joint paint/inflammation, hormonal imbalances, allergy/sinus issues, weight and more.

This program is for those who are serious about changing their lives. Results are real if you put forth the required effort. If you change your dietary and lifestyle habits within 35-days then you can maintain the changes.

What clients are saying…

“Anthony, once again your knowledge and wisdom about my health issues is just amazing! When I was experiencing the heaviness in my chest from covid-19, the protocol you prescribed was dead on. By the next morning, I no longer had those symptoms and everyday I have more stamina and feel stronger.” – Karen T.

“I’ve done two different rounds working with Anthony. Both times I’ve felt amazing – more healthy, more energy with the bonus of weight loss. He’s very knowledgeable and dedicated to his client’s success. I’m so happy I did this for myself and my health.” – Sherrie A.

“Anthony has literally changed our lives. He has given us such an amazing gift – the tools & knowledge to learn and take care of our bodies. It’s not all about the weight loss. Of course that’s a huge bonus, but what’s more important is your body’s health. He is so passionate about helping others and cares a great deal! For someone to go through what he went through and turn his life’s mission into helping others is pretty incredible! And we cannot thank him enough for what he has done for us. If you are looking to get healthier, lose weight, etc…please set up an appt with Anthony. We promise it’ll be one of the best decisions you will ever make!” – Karen R.

“Anthony has been a tremendous help for me throughout my weight loss, detox and resetting my overall health. I highly recommend Detox Day Spa. I have referred many of my friends to him and each have had success with his program. Anthony really gives individualized attention to each of his clients.” – Kristi S.